KRS-ONE Rocks Richmond, VA; Says he is thoroughly proud to see the REAL VA

Written by- D-Boogie – Hip Hop Forum

After waiting over a week due to the snowstorm of the century, the people of Virginia; artist and fans alike, got exactly what they had been waiting for. On Thursday, January 28 2016, local Virginians witnessed what real hip hop is all about. With Mad Skillz, a hometown hero and worldwide superstar on the wheels of steel, and a few great opening acts, including 14 year-old phenom Young Prince Charles, who went bar for bar with KRS on stage, the show was hip hop from the start and would have been great, even if the headliner of the show would not have been there. Having him there was even more of a blessing.

Yes, I am talking about KRS-ONE. Due to the snow, KRS was stuck in Virginia for a whole week, and the central Virginia area, and KRS, took advantage of it. In KRS’s own words, “When nature moves, God is moving. So I asked, why does God have me here?” Answering his own question, he proceeded to tell the audience about the lectures he gave at 3 major universities, local churches and more. VCU had only 72 hours to make it happen, and they did. It was an absolutely beautiful week for central VA

Aside from preforming all his classic songs, he lectured the crowd about life and told them about the time he was homeless. “In ’83, I was homeless. Instead of thinking about where I was, I thought about where I was going. What you see now is not a rapper, it is the manifestation of my 1983 mind.” Pretty deep thinking is it not? He went on to talk about his time in VA and said “I can’t wait to tell the whole world about the REAL Virginia. Y’all don’t represent that mainstream bull, VA represents real hip hop. I got to see the REAL VA, and I am thoroughly proud of that sh**.

Not only did all this take place, he received a painting of himself from local painter Sista Beanz. The look on his face was of complete awe. KRS proceeded to say, “You made me look cute, you painted my soul.” He then held it up high and proudly, showing the entire crowd and saying, “This is better than any Grammy award or anything, f*** all that s*** the people have spoken and this is my award right here.”

The best of the show was still to come though. It was the end of the show. The lights had been switched off, and you hear KRS say “Shine that light on me, turn the lights on.” When they did, he was in the center of the crowd, with a mic, opening up a cypher with members of the audience!

Wow. What an absolutely incredible week for not only Virginia, but the VA hip hop scene. Whenever a legend in the game comes to town, and makes everything he did happen, and say what he had to say, it means so much to this state, that does not get proper recognition, that it really is very, very inspiring to have witnessed. We must thank all who made everything possible. This is the type of positive vibe Virginia needs to continue having in order to make it the place we want it to be.



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