HHF News: Logic, Joe Budden/Drake, spotlight on new talent: Young M.A

Written by Danny Deserve


Boss Lady: I need you to start this weekend

Me: You mean like 4th of July weekend?

Boss Lady: Yes, can you get it done?

Me: F*** my life, are you serious?   I guess I better put this Hennessey Down……. #hennygang

Salutations good people, allow me to introduce myself my name is…………… Hov!!!!  Not really its Danny Deserve and welcome to my rap editorial.  I know, I know how many writers have their own rap column?  Plenty, but how many do you know grew up in the birth place of Hip Hop, the Bronx, New York?   I guess you can say I’ve been around the rap game for a minute.  How many do you know went to hip hop jams in Echo park, Crotona Park and watched legends DJ or sat in high school science class with Sonny Cheeba of Camp Lo fame?  I didn’t think so, I speak and write in New York vernacular so please forgive me…. let’s get down to business shall we?

Check out the surprise release by Logic titled Bobby Tarantino.  

Out of nowhere, Logic decides to drop off a surprise album and believe me he shows up and delivers with dope beats and a flow that rides every beat like a melodic monk.  Blessing us with 11 tracks in total, the follow up to his sophomore album, The Incredible True Story, comes with a lone feature from Pusha T on the previously released banger “Wrist.” In addition, the project also contains the record “Super Mario World,” were he serves up a dope flow and a banging hook, easily my favorite cut on this album.  This was a quick blessing from Logic but if It’s any indication of his upcoming album, another concept album, I’m all in stay tuned people.

Bobby Tarantino on Apple Music

Bobby Tarantino on Spotify

Joe Budden “Making a Murder (Part 1) “

Next up I would like to address the Joe Budden diss track titled “Making a Murder (Part 1)” where he systematically assaulted and executed Canada’s very own favorite emcee Drake. You have to firstly step back and brush up on your subliminal rap game before you can fully understand the magnitude of this spanking. Joe Budden took Drake to task over some comments Drake made on his “4 am in Calabass” track, where he picked out the subliminal shots Drake took at him and Sean Combs (Puffy) within the lyrics. Joe Budden is a certified spitter of serious bars, no vocals with a degree in word-play that has known to go over the average listener’s head, true rap veteran. Drake on the other hand, is what’s hot and is not a push over but with all of his mainstream hits, and radio friendly flow he’s left his audience wondering can he weather this storm……. we shall see.

Joe Budden- “Making a Murderer (Part 1)”

Here is a new artist on the rise, Young M.A “Oh My Gawdd” (Freestyle Video)

The young up and coming rapper hasn’t just hit the scene but is still relatively new, tell me what you think.



Well this raps up my first column I hope I was able to touch you wherever you are and bring some of this fire to your corner of the world. Be easy and walk good ……until next time Danny Deserve signing off…


Danny Deserve was born in Harlem but raised in the Bronx, New York City where he watched the evolution of Hip Hop culture. He believes that the culture transcends race and religion and prior to the message being hijacked, was a primary force in bring people around the world together in harmony.

Check out his FB page, Save Hip Hop Boycott Hot 97.1

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