HHF October

Starting out with a super nice interview with indie Detroit MCs Flyboi Rich and Shakk Sport by Warnell Jones, this month’s Hip Hop Forum digital magazine magazine is a great mix of opinion pieces and interviews to give you a fine taste of hip-hop culture in the broadest sense.

Nobodee Jones takes a look at ‘Barfest’ – a competition that brings together the best underground MCs and producers – while Big Momma ‘Miz’ talks about music/politics with Fleetwood of “Da Cotton Pickas” and the ‘Homeboy Hotline’ – an organization he established in 2000 to help people make a successful transition to life in the community after time spent in jail.

Warnell Jones considers the popularity of the recent series The Get Down while Omi Muhammad in a very thoughtful, expansive interview with André de Quadros, Professor of Music at Boston University speaks about the music programs he runs in prisons, in the US and internationally, and also the role music can play in disrupting political power structures and challenging social injustice and oppression.

To close, Hip Hop Forum digital magazine has instituted a new section – HHF Freestyles – and is  opening it up to MCs to share their rhymes with us with a chance of being included in the magazine. This week, it’s Mr  Boricua Boy. If you want to be included in HHF Freestyles, contact Madeleine Byrne or James Mayfield on Facebook.   

Thank you for your ongoing support of Hip Hop Forum digital magazine and Hip Hop Forum.

Join us, become part of the magazine, write for us; we’re still looking for writers to join our team. No experience needed, just a love and passion for hip-hop, a strong desire to get published and a need to … express yourself.

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